Cosel is one of the leading power supply manufacturers with a history of 50 years. Cosel manufactures high-quality AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, power modules and EMI filters.

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Cosel is one of the leading power supply manufacturers with a history of 50 years. Cosel manufactures high-quality AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, power modules and EMI filters.

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AC-DC Power SupplyMedical Type

WMA Series


WMA150H and WMA350H are Cosel’s latest enclosed type AC-DC medical power supplies. Approved to IEC60601-1 3rd, they are designed to satisfy the medical isolation grade of 2MOPP. They come in a low profile of 30mm, which enables them to be installed in space-tight medical equipment.
WMA150H and WMA350H are also approved to IEC62368-1 and thus are suitable for many kinds of industrial equipment. As they comply with EN61558-2-16 OVC Ⅲ, there is no need to use an isolation transformer required at the input so that both cost and space can be saved.

Oct, 2019

AC-DC Power SupplyOpen Frame Type

LHA Series


The LHA series is Cosel’s latest open frame type AC-DC power supply with OVC Ⅲ approval. It comes with a 5-year warranty and will be manufactured by its factory in Wuxi, China for a short delivery time. In comparison with the previous LFA series, the LHA series features higher efficiency (91% for 150W and 93.5% for 300W) and a more compact size, and thus it can save more space.
The LHA series can work in a wider ambient operating temperature range of -10℃ up to 70℃, and its EMI performance is greatly improved with a new circuit design. So, the LHA series is suitable for most industrial applications.

Sep, 2019

DC-DC Power SupplyPower Module

CHS Series


Cosel has released new DC-DC isolated bus converter that accepts 24V/48V input. It is suitable for industrial and telecommunication equipment and provides wide ranges of output voltage. It has built-in overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection. It also has positive logic remote ON/OFF function. CHS series has 5-year warranty. CHS series is designed with Cosel's self-developed synchronous rectification technology and digital assisted control by micro-computer to achieve a high efficiency. CHS series has an input to output isolation of 2250VDC which complies to IEEE802.3 ethernet standard. From 300W to 500W, there is digital PMBus interface option, which can help you manage the condition of power supply effectively. 400W and 500W has a parallel connection option that enables you to increase the total power if needed in your application.

Jul, 2019

DC-DC Power SupplyPCB Mount Type

MG Series


Cosel has newly added MGF80, 80W DC-DC converter to the popular MG series. MGW has rated output voltage variations of ±5V (only 15W and 30W), ±12V and ±15V. MG series is Cosel's newest compact size onboard type isolated DC-DC converters. The complete lineup of MG series starts with 1.5W and currently goes up to 80W, spanning a wide lineup of 256 models. It includes 2:1 input range (MG) and 4:1 input range (MGF) and provides output voltages of 3.3V to 15V. It is suitable for various applications like communication equipment, analytical devices, control boards in manufacturing equipment, battery powered equipment, etc.
MG series features up to 60% size reduction from Cosel's previous generation DC-DC converters. Our resonance technology and synchronous rectification technology give MG series up to 3 times more power density than competitors' products. It works in a very wide temperature range of -40 to 85C. MGF features a wide 4:1 input range of 4.5-13V (MGF40 only), 9-36V or 18-76V that can minimize the number of parts used in customers' equipment. There are no electrolytic capacitors used inside the MG series making it highly reliable with a 10-year product warranty.

May, 2019

AC-DC Power SupplyEnclosed TypeYour Benefits by PCA

PCA Series


PCA series is Cosel’s latest high efficiency AC-DC power supply featuring digital communications. PCA accepts universal input (AC85-264V) with efficiency of up to 94%. It is super compact with a case size of just 89 x 41 x 152 mm (600W) and 102 x 41 x 178 mm (1000W). PCA comes with a single output voltage of 5, 12, 15, 24, 32 or 48V, all of which has a wide adjustment range of 60% to 120%.
The built-in micro processor allows for communications (PMBus compliant) to monitor and change various setting values of the power supply. Constant current operation is possible without using external components. Constant voltage and constant current operations are also possible by using the VTRM and ITRM terminals. CVCC is suitable for LED lighting application, peltier device, and battery charger…etc.. Parameters such as input and output voltage, output current, temperature inside the power supply, fan speed and input frequency can be monitored remotely. Backed by a complete set of industrial and medical safety approvals (ANSI/AAMI, ES60601-1, EN60601-1 3rd edition), PCA series is ideal for many industrial applications such as test and measurement equipment, telecom equipment, laser equipment, factory automation, laboratory application, non-patient contact medical equipment.

Apr, 2019

AC-DC Power SupplyConfigurable

RB Series


RB series is Cosel’s latest configurable AC-DC power supply with 3 isolated outputs. It is rated at 200W and there are 124 different output combinations available by various output configuration. RB series meets not only OVC III required in industrial application market but also the ITE and telecommunication apparatus standards. One power supply can output the voltages for both drive and control systems. It fulfills the requirements for various robotic specifications. RB series has many options available such as conformal coating, remote on/off, low leakage current, chassis, etc. The reinforced isolation is designed between different outputs that is suitable for IGBT drive.

Feb, 2019

AC-DC Power SupplyConfigurable

AME Series


AME series is Cosel’s latest high efficiency configurable AC-DC medical power supply. AME series is approved with the latest IEC60601-1 3rd edition and it has a medical isolation grade of 2MOPP making it ideal for many kinds of medical applications. It also comes with a low-profile design which is fit for the 1U rack size. Cosel has released 400W, 600W, 800W and 1200W models and 4 output modules with a rated output voltage of 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V. These output modules are available for various output configuration.
AME series complies with IEC60601-1-2 (2014) 4th edition so that it can cope with instantaneous voltage dip. It is equipped with AUX (5V/1A), remote ON/OFF, global inhibit and alarms function.

Jan, 2019

DC-DC Power SupplyWide Input TypeUltra Wide Input DC-DC Converters

MGX Series


Cosel has released MGX series, the DC-DC converter with ultra-wide input range. Currently, it has rated output wattage of 1.5W and 6W with single or dual output voltages.
MGX features ultra-wide input range from 6 to 60V (10:1). In comparison with previous DC-DC converters, MGX can accept a different input voltage of 12V, 24V or 48V. Its ultra-wide input range can deal with large input voltage fluctuations. MGX is highly reliable with a 10-year warranty. It is capable of withstanding a short-time input surge voltage of up to 76V. When instantaneous power failure happens, MGX can keep operating at a lower input voltage to provide good protection for your equipment.
MGX is an ideal solution not only for the telecommunication equipment which requires wide input voltage range, but also for the control panel of analytical instrument, production equipment, and PoE applications. MGX is also highly recommended for those applications which are battery-driven since their input voltage widely varies.

Jul, 2018

AC-DC Power SupplyMedical Type

GMA Series


GMA series is Cosel’s latest high-efficiency medical power supply. GMA300F accepts universal input (AC85-264V) with an efficiency of up to 93%. It has the industry’s highest power density for 300W in 2"X4" and its height is less than 1U. GMA300F comes with a single output voltage of 12V and 24V, and AUX output is also available for 12V or 5V (option).
Backed by a complete set of medical safety approvals (ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, EN60601-1 3rd and IEC60601-1-2 4th Ed.), GMA series is ideal for many medical types of equipment. It complies with IEC60601-1 3rd and IEC60601-1-2 4th edition. GMA series is suitable for medical type BF applications such as hospital communication and monitoring equipment. The built-in microprocessor will stop the output if the applied input voltage gets lower than the specified lower limit, providing good protection for your equipment.

Jul, 2018

AC-DC Power SupplyEnclosed Type

FETA Series


FETA7000ST is a three-phase 380VAC input power supply of 7000 watts with efficiency of up to 90.5% (AC400V). Even higher power can be obtained by using parallel operation and series operation. It comes with a space saving design of 1U height. The output voltage is adjustable from 0V to 52.8V (48V model) or 0V to 158.4V (144V model) by using TRM to meet your request for different values. FETA7000ST is highly reliable as it is equipped with various protections including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and thermal protection. The built-in LED can also let you know power off and any abnormal status of the power supply. So, it is ideal for many applications such as large industrial equipment, high frequency power supply, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.

Apr, 2018

AC-DC Power SupplyEnclosed TypeFunction Table

WXA Series


WXA150H is the latest economical enclosed type AC-DC power supply with high reliability. The AC input range is selectable by a switch and it has a wide operating temperature range from -20℃ to 60℃. The rated output voltage is 12V, 24V or 48V.
WXA employs the Japanese quality management and it is manufactured in Wuxi Cosel with a short delivery lead-time. It features high efficiency, long lifetime, and uses only 105℃ long lifetime Japanese brands electrolytic capacitors. It can save space because of its compact size. WXA has overload and overvoltage protection. It can withstand AC300V surge input for 5 seconds. WXA comes with 5-year warranty despite being an economical product.

Apr, 2018

AC-DC Power Supply Enclosed Type

PJA Series


PJA series is an economical enclosed type AC-DC power supply with enhanced reliability. Cosel has just added PJA1000F and PJA1500F to the PJA series’ lineup (24V and 48V output). The PJA series accepts a wide input range of 85-264VAC and complies with the SEMI F47 standard. They can work in a wide ambient operating temperature range of -20℃ up to +70℃, and have rated output voltage variations of 5V (for 600W), 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V and 48V, which are suitable for most industrial applications.
In comparison with our previous cost-effective PLA series, PJA series has further improved its reliability. PJA100F and PJA150F are built with double-sided PCB so the soldering reliability is greatly enhanced. The efficiency of PJA600F is 88% max (4% higher than our previous PBA series). Furthermore, PJA series has a better surge voltage tolerance and improved EMC compatibility. It comes with a five-year warranty. PJA100F and PJA150F can easily be installed in any confined space (such as control cabinet) because of their low-profile design. The DIN Rail option of an improved design can be added to realize easy installation and removal. You can also choose various options for PJA600F to realize different functions such as coating, remote control, parallel operation, etc. PJA1000F and PJA1500F are of high power with AUX output (5V, 12V and 24V selectable),and the fan stops or runs at a low speed at no load. They are suitable for laser equipment and large industrial equipment. If you are looking for a high-reliability and cost-effective solution, PJA series is the most ideal power supply for your equipment.

May, 2017

AC-DC Power Supply Power Module

TUXS Series


Cosel has released new 200W AC-DC power module. It has a very high efficiency of up to 94% in half-brick size. The unique structural design enables the power module to realize conduction cooling efficiently and operate smoothly. PMBus communication interface option could be added to provide remote monitoring and control capabilities. Therefore, you can have real-time access to the condition of the power supply and deal with emergency timely. Besides 24V output, which is widely used for industrial equipment, TUXS also has rated output voltage of 42V and 50V, which are suitable in GaN applications and battery charger.

Nov, 2016

AC-DC Power SupplyDIN Rail Type

KH Series


KH series is the latest DIN rail mount power supply which adopts convection cooling and has peak power capability. The power ranges from 30W to 480W as of today and the product range is expanding. It has two different types of input interfaces, Euro type and terminal block type. It is designed with Cosel's latest developed digital control technology. KH series has the world's highest conversion efficiency (over 92%) which enable it to reduce power consumption and carbon dioxide emission. It is an environmental friendly power supply. KH series is also equipped with built-in remote ON/OFF function and alarm function to signal abnormality of the output voltage.

Dec, 2015

KL Series


KL series is DIN rail mount power supply with basic functions. It has 120W and 240W as of today and the power range is expanding. The output ranges are 24V or 48V. It has a wide operating ambient temperature range from -20℃ to 70℃ and built-in power factor correction. KR series is compact so it can fit in the control cabinet easily and save precious space for other electrical components. KL series is convection cooling power supply equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Dec, 2015

KR Series


KR series redundancy diode module is of the same size with KL series power supply (120W). It has a wide input voltage range:10Vdc-60Vdc, DC OK signal and input voltage balance LED. KR series redundancy diode module comes in handy if your application need to use redundancy operation to increase the system reliability. With KR series oring diode module, current sharing can be achieved effortlessly. KR series is designed to be used with Cosel's DIN rail power supplies but it is also compatible to power supplies of other brands.

Dec, 2015

AC-DC Power SupplyPower Module

TUNS Series


TUNS series is the power module that combines universal input front-end PFC and DC-DC converter. TUNS50 (50W) is in quarter brick size, and TUNS100 (100W) is in half brick size. This product can shorten your application development time and save space. The standard output voltage is 5V, 12V and 24V. The output voltage is adjustable by connecting an external potentionmeter and resistors. TUNS series can operate at full load at a baseplate temperature of 75℃ and derates to 50% rated current at a baseplate temperature of 100℃ . TUNS series has built-in overcurrent, overvoltage and thermal protection.

Jun, 2015